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If you use Internet Explorer as your browser this section covers your choice and it's functionality the Web browser provides a flexible and reliable browsing experience with enhanced Web privacy features for all Windows users. Within the installation of the Web browser also includes the most recent version of Outlook Express, this is an e-mail client that is usually included with Internet Explorer for free. On August 23rd, 1995, Microsoft released their Windows 95 operating system, including a Web browser called Internet Explorer. By the fall of 1996, Explorer had a third of market share, and passed Netscape to became the leading web browser in 1999

In the middle of 1994, Jim Clark, a founder at Silicon Graphics, joined with Marc Andreessen founding Mosaic Communications (which would become Netscape Communications later.) Marc Andreessen, organiser of the software project known as "Mosaic", graduated from the University of Illinois. The Mosaic browser was making its initial released outside of the academic and computer circles it had begun. Jim Clark and Marc Andreessen could see the potential for Internet web browsing software. Inside the first year of Netscape founding most of the people involved in the NCSA Mosaic project were working for Netscape, soon the Netscape browser was launched to the public.

Mozilla Firefox, Firebird
Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross worked on the original Firefox project as a developmental department of the main Mozilla project. Firefox itself has constantly developed since its opening launch as Phoenix browser on 23 September 2002.

The Firefox project first started life as a sample application demonstrating how you could insert Gecko into another application. Firefox was originally shipped with early versions of Mozilla. In the beginning it only featured Forward, Back, and Stop buttons, as well as a URL address field. There was no cache or stored history, etc., and was lighter than Mozilla. Eventually, it was dropped with Mozilla's binary builds.

The Opera Internet web browser, in 1994, was originally a research project for a Norway telecoms company called Telenor. Research and development of the project was continued in 1995 by ASA Opera Software. The Opera Browser was first launched to the public as release version 2.12, although many of the earlier demos have been found and screenshots of version 1.0 are available on the web.

"The company America Online (AOL) started 20 years ago with a single vision: to make the power of the online medium available to the average person. In the years since, America Online has grown to serve a community of nearly 29 million members worldwide -- and to manage Web properties that draw more than 100 million monthly online users in the United States alone ."

1996 AOL's $19.95 flat rate for unlimited access starts.
1997 Busy signals keep AOL members from being able to log on. AOL's system is overloaded with people and they don't have the server capacity to handle them.
1997 CompuServe airs a commercial during the Superbowl making fun of AOL's dial up troubles and giving the number 1-888-NOTBUSY
1997 New York Attorney General informs AOL that he is going to sue them for repeated deceptive acts, false advertising and fraud. AOL was not considering blanket refunds for members.
1997 WorldCom buys CompuServe. WorldCom then trades the internet access to AOL in exchange for AOL's ANS, a commercial Internet access provider, service. MSN tries to pick up people who are unhappy with the buyout.
1998 AOL buys Netscape and ICQ messenger service.
1999 AOL- 3 MILLION AOL & CompuServe members outside U.S.
2000 AOL- Time Warner announce plans to merge. 26 MILLION members.
2001 AOL - members spend record $6.7 billion shopping online in first quarter.
2002 AOL, more than 1 billion users worldwide.

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