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Clearing Cache

Why should you?
We have created separate step by step guides to clear your cache, click the appropriate browser name below to access more information about your specific browser and/or version, if yours is not listed please contact us so we can include it as part of these help files.

Clear Cache in AOL
Empty Cache in Netscape
Empty Cache in Internet Explorer
Clearing Cache in Firefox
Clear Cache in Opera

Cache (pronounced "cash") is a space on your computer's hard drive and in RAM virtual memory that your browser stores and saves copies of recently visited Web Pages, every time you visit a website all images and the page itself and Java Scripts and movie files are automatically downloaded in the background then cached (stored) in your browsers cache, in fact most items needed to show the page you are visiting and usually everything associated with that page are stored here.

Your browser caches (stores) all this information mainly to add speed to your browsing experience! It does this by simply not downloading everything from a visited site again and instead uses the local downloaded files and copies when you re-visit, this could be each time you click the Back or Forward buttons on your browser or click a favourite in your favourites list, as you browse it will periodically automatically refresh itself when the page is renewed on the website itself but only usually when you revisit that particular site.

We all visit sites and/or click from link to link without any regard for the above and while our browser is busy storing information in the background and as you can imagine all our computer caches fill up with a lot of unwanted information we are unlikely to use again, one site in every ten we visit is most likely to get re-visited but meanwhile our browser cache has stored all 10 sites, this sometimes can be stored for several years or until our computers run out of space, clearing the browser cache will achieve the following:

1. Storage of old transaction information removed!
2. Storage of old WebPages removed!
3. Will help your browser to function more efficiently (Clean Cache "like new")!
4. Free up hard drive space to make your computer run more efficiently!
5. Force your browser to get newer versions of a website!
6. Your browser may become quicker to load when you start it!
7. Can cause java applets to misbehave if the cache is clogged!

Usually once you clear your cache your browser may perform satisfactorily, although I would advise as always a good idea to close all instances of the browser and even restart your machine especially if you are using Explorer 4.x or Explorer 5.x.

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