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Putting Links Elsewhere

If you wish to put a link on another page other than your free counter is on! You must be sure of the type of counter you are using, the reason for this is simple: most of our counters have a thing called a referral robot, this robot visits your page to check the code is ok and that you have actually linked back to us (part of our terms for using a free counters is that you do this "every link back to us helps to keep the service running") the whole process is automatic and the robot will not check any other page and only parse the one that the counter is actually on! So if you do put a link somewhere else on your site the robot will probably not find it and most likely stop your counter from working!

Link To Us
If you wish just to link directly to us then we welcome as many links to our web pages as possible as we are constantly looking for sponsors to help pay for this service and keep it as free as possible and the more links we have the better as it increases the chances of visitors using our service and benefiting from what we offer and your link will help us achieve this, over time we hope to get enough sponsorship to free some of any restraints in place! Which by return makes it better for you in the long run as we can offer more for free and keep on improving our service, I am a webmaster myself and would like very much to offer the whole thing for free as I have been there and done most things, all I am interested in is building this application BUT I am only passing on the restraints imposed on me and that is the way it has to be...

Paid Accounts
If you have paid to remove this small link which again is not an unreasonable fee and covers a little towards the development of this counter and storage of your statistical information on our server, then you can remove this small link inside your control panel, the Globel Wizard takes you through the steps to do this and is quite a simple task, the wizard functions are taken care of elsewhere in these FAQ Help files...

HTML Layers
And finally if a user finds it necessary to hide their counter behind layers of HTML on their pages or put the counter out of sight in a non scrolling frame and still have the audacity to use our service, this will be considered that the user is not playing fair with us for providing this service to him/her and the robot will be capable of recognising these type of pages shortly! At present when I come across such pages will delete any account that is doing this without any notice whatsoever to the user involved, this means that any statistics for their site will be destroyed as well as the counter itself, there will be no notice because they would have deliberately gone against a requirement of providing this service which is not a unreasonable request, so please do not complain to me if you decide to do this it will be your own fault, it's OK to put the counter at the bottom of your page or out of the way somewhere but to deliberately hide it is not on and to be honest do not understand this mentality!!!!
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