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Hit Counter Versus Tracker

A: The straight answer to that one is BOTH ours is a free hit counter and tracker combined

A Webpage counter is an image or text that displays the number of visitors to your website in real time even when the page is reloaded "although this can be misleading" because the counter does not define if this hit is a reload and/or a new visitor! and you don't know for sure Which of/or how many of these hits or visits are people coming back to revisit your site or new visitors to your site or web page counter at any one time…?

Whilst on the other hand a Tracker records much more information about your visitors e.g. tracking page views, number or reloads, Screen resolutions Etc. even visitors by the hour! This is usually achieved by; logging this information from your hit counter and then generating reports from that information with analysis over time known as statistics.

Our free hit counter and tracker does all this for you week in week out 24/7/365 and the statistics themselves are being improved all the time, even as you're reading this, the tracker statistics that are available; can be a valuable indication as to the type of visitors being tracked to your site and how to build your web pages around them.

These statistics will become quite extensive over time and if you have already had a web site for a few years and are just in the process of considering this option you will wonder in weeks to come how on earth you did without these hit counter statistics tracking and tracker facilities in the past.

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