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Is It Really A Free Counter

A: YES: it is free and is accessible to everyone even your free live counter statistics...

Free Counter yep; there are two versions of the free counter now... the trial version counter as tested by thousands you can try out for a set amount of time for free or the new free version both in Graphical and Java Formats! If it say's it's free on the page you can guarantee it is.

Free reciprocating counter link
For the Free Counter I do ask that you maintain a reciprocating counter link back to our main site so other counter users may benefit from this great counter service for free. Alternatively if you do not wish to return a clickable counter link back to us for the counter we charge a small fee for all our hard counter work and storing your counter information for your free statistics… free that's it…with
no tricks…

The free counter as in any service are some limitations if used incorrectly, these counter parameters are there to help us keep offering free this great counter service, used sensibly we can all be happy, i.e. like our counter statistical free view restrictions this is to stop some counter users continually loading the counter screen unnecessarily as this uses counter free processor time to calculate your free statistics, the more requirements on our counter system then the more it physically costs us in counter bandwidth, we intend to be here free for a very long time so this all helps us control our free expenditure of the counter.

You can alternatively purchase further counter page views of your free statistics to suit your counter budget and needs this information is available elsewhere free on the site as well as more information on this subject in the free counter FAQ…

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