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What Is A Webpage Counter

A: A webpage counter in it's simplest form is put on to your Webpage to count the amount of visitors to your website and counts these visits or hits "as known" to your website!!

A webpage counter can be in a graphical or textural format and each time someone visits your page the counter increments by one digit thus recording their visit to your page.

So say your counter on your webpage is at 100 and someone visits your page then your counter would now be 101, our tracker does a lot more than this and records statistical information so you can design your pages around your visitors.

Our counter at the moment is a Textural and Java counter, but later in the year we will be providing an option to have a graphical count as well in our webpage counter.

Essentially which ever one you decide to choose as just a webpage counter they all do similar or the same job and that is counting your visitors additionally some called trackers as well do the job of analysing the data received from the webpage counter although you may pick a particular type for specific reasons.

we use textural at the moment mainly for speed because graphical webpage counters can be very slow to load…

See other sections to decide if you need just a plain webpage counter on your webpage or webpage counters that can give you much more information on tracking your visitors etc.

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