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What Is Globel Or Global

Essentially it is a program that assists globally and is interconnected to several servers for the smooth operation of my software and several other companies' software, for things like your username and password and/or statistics etc. additionally load balancing and database activities are overseen by globel, The Proper spelling for our product and software is Globel And Not Global.

Globel Programs
Development of most software to do with this site originates from globel, i.e. this is the originating software developers for the free counter, and the bulk mailer and several other programs that are used globally on the internet, intranets or small to large networks across the world, additionally bespoke programs are developed by globel for companies all over the globe from a small script to large complex programs.

Globel Internet (Globally Accessible)
Also the glue that interconnects networks together; globel servers also provide TCP IP and DNS mapping and route information to the correct location or business, additionally; globel really is it's own database, it does not use MySql/Access or any other database application other than one that was specifically designed over several years for Global itself.

We will be providing more information on globel in the future, for now if you see any references regarding global just think of it as the driving software globally behind your software product.

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