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Why Bother With A Counter

Most Website owners and Webmasters like to know if their site is being visited or not and a counter at base level can be a valuable indication of this, counters and trackers are now considered an essential part of a webmasters tools for determining the success of a website....

Of course there is the argument of "would you put a counter on your front door of your house" and "would your visitors to your house appreciate being a statistic or being counted" the answer is obviously no in both cases, but with your house you can see who is visiting!! With an Internet website you cannot!! And this is where our counter is your eyes on the internet… The how, what and why of visitors to your site; and if your paranoid about your visitors taking offence at being counted; well; put an invisible counter on… simple! Especially now as the amount of WebPages on the Internet increases, quite literally your page is like a grain of sand in a very vast desert so having an accurate counter you can rely on combined with useful statistical information from source graphical or otherwise tells you if your marketing strategy for you site is working or not and if you need to make changes to the way your website appeals to your visitors.

After all your hard work of putting your internet site on the internet........ then shortly followed by hours spent putting your reciprocal links up......... and then search engine submissions the list goes on..... and on....... the only real physical proof that any of this is working for you is your counter and associated statistics; the simple fact your counter is increasing by the number of visitors to your site, would you not like to know which sites are sending you visitors or when your visitors arrive if they are new or just re visiting?
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