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5. Installing Services

How To Find The Following Screen In the Control Panel

First log on to your account control panel and then:

1. Click Account Setup!
2. Click Add Service!



To add new services to your account you will need to normally click the sequence above to access the following screens, however; when you log on to your account for the first time you will automatically be taken here; in all cases you should be faced with a screen similar to the one below! the illustration may differ slightly itself due to upgrades over time; but the general format will stay the same...

In (1 as illustration) above it should read NOT-REGISTERED if this is a new trial account, for more on this go HERE.
If you wish to install say: The trial Counter as (2 as illustration) above please click that link presented on this screen and the service will then be automatically set up with the system defaults….. wait for the screen to update itself, this will install a new counter account into your control panel.

Two Things have happened here after you do this:
1. you should have two new menu items added to your control panel menu as the picture bellow.
A) Counter Setup.
B) Counter Statistics.

2. The control panel itself will also look different as in the picture below.

As you can see the new service is installed as above, (because it tells you so) and you are now ready to start adding counters to your account etc. you do exactly the same for any additional services you wish to install in the future on your account, i.e. you may wish to install the Globel Encryptor Or if a Registered account you can install the Bulk Mailer Account, there will be additional services included here in the future so it's worth while just checking every now and then............

"Why we do it this way can be found elsewhere on this site"
When you have done the above click …Next


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