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Example Styles

Q: Hit Counter Styles From The Wizard?

OK.... From over A Million Hit Counters Now!! Here's just A Few.....
(These pictures are the actual size of the hit counter, without the red text of course ;-) !!

1. This is the counter We start with!
2. We Add A Unique Count!
3. Spread A Little Visit Monitor!
4. And Take Away the Box!
5. Colour To A Font?
6. Change Text As you Please!
7. Then Maybe Add/Change The Box!
8. Decide To Add Colour!
9. Or Change it Again if not Happy!
10. You Could Go Green!
11. Then Maybe Not!
12. Add A Bit Of Length!
13. And Take Something Away!
14. Decide What The Heck!
15. Let's Go All The Way!

Above is a running example of just a few hit counters you can create using the wizard these were created by just adding and taking away items step-by-step in the Globel Wizard on the default hit counter itself pic No: 1 and as you can see along the way produced several varying effects...

with the hit counter You are initially given a base pallet "namely our default counter above" then equipped with this and the Wizard you gradually mould your hit counter into something you would prefer and on your own design, all the counters above from 2-15 originate from the default hit counter on a step-by-step change process…

Asides from looking like miniature televisions... > You can Go from the most extravagant to the most calm with your Globel counter and it will fit into your WebPage scheme with a little imagination. There are literally millions of combinations beyond those shown above and this will expand even more over time...
256 x 256 x 256 x 256 colours plus variations to be exact….


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