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Adding Counters

Q: Webpage Counters (How Do I Create)?

How To Find The Following Screen In the Control Panel

First log on to your account control panel and then:

1. Click Counter Setup
2. Click Create Counters




Screen Shot
Now you have found your way to the screen for creating counters you should be faced with a screen similar to the one below! the illustration may differ slightly from the editor itself due to upgrades over time; but the general format will stay the same...

Points to Bear in Mind
A. When you first open your account you will have no webpage counters installed on your account at all, this is so you can independently name your counters to whatever you like right from the start so only you can recognize them and they can be named suitably after your web page.

B. The system will only allow you alphabetical named counters it allows no other character other than an underscore in your couter name this aids the automatic sort in the boxes below the editor add function so that your counters are listed alphabetically in order....

C. If you have a Beta Free account the maximum amount of counters you can add is 3, however; A registered account can request extra counters and there is no real limit to the amount of couters you can add to the editor on a registered account.

Adding A Counter to Your Account
1. Enter a unique name that you can remember easily into the box as shown on the illustration below (1 In picture), this name you select is usually better named after the web page the counter will sit on i.e. if the counter is going on the first page of your site usually "index.htm" name the counter "index"!

however if each counter is going on a different site? name it after the site i.e. "" I would name my counter "globel", Additionally if you are intending using lot's of sites and lot's of pages it would be best to name your counters thus "globel_index" & "globel_pagename" etc. and the same for any other site and any other page, however please note there is a restriction of twenty characters on counter names so if necessary try shortening the reference i.e. "gbl_index" etc. this will make your statistics later on very easy to read.

2. once you have decided on your names for your counters and please put a little thought into it as it will help your couter in the long run, you now create the counters one by one inserting the new name in the box (1 In picture) the pressing "Make-New-Counter" (2 In picture) (wait a few seconds for a new screen) and then enter the next.

3. On the creation of each new counter you will see your new named counter appear in the box's below as shown (3 In picture) the name you have chosen will be capitalized for easy reading in these box's and sorted into an alphabetical order, with each new counter created the editor will create a new link to it's own setup i.e. the link to the counter "PAUL" (illustration) just click this link in your account to Get The HTML code for that counter:

Note: the counter editor has been created this way to give you maximum versatility naming your counters; I receive so many variations of sites that the above editor has been designed to hopefully suit all! However if you are using a configuration that requires a different approach please contact me, I can always review it and build it in next time round.
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