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Q: Counter Bugs Surely Not?

Ahh yes; As in any piece of software you get nasty little gremlins that rear their little heads when you least expect it called bugs, the following is a list of problems found whilst out in the field that are either in hand and being sorted out or have been rectified, this page will also soon have a form to post bug reports to a page for our users in the future, in the meanwhile if you have a problem don't suffer in silence tell us the problem and we will call in Bugbusters….

Editor Hell…Wednesday, 08 May 2002...
This is not a bug as such but it is a BIG problem, HTML editors tamper with our code, and it's not just one editor it's most of them, when pasting the code into your page we supply please be sure you paste it in with a good old fashioned plain text editor I tell you nothing can beat them… (Sometimes the html editor itself will allow you to edit the source code "this is luxury") but most Java code you acquire it's better done that way, html editors were built to do just that edit html… you need to get down to the foundations of your pages to do the clever stuff… there is a short tutorial HERE which we will expand later but we hope it helps you for now…

Now That's Interesting…Wednesday, 08 May 2002...
We had a bug report in today where the counter was not showing any numbers up on the page when investigated we found that our variables we put in our code was clashing with another completely different Java program on that page using the same variables, so we will be renaming all the variables across the site in the next week or so, it's the first dynamic appearance of this bug as far as we know but it's Gotta be squashed before it starts breeding….

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