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Q: How Do I Use The Counter Editor?

To Get HTML; Change Start Number; Delete Counter!!

A: After you have created your counter (IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THIS GO HERE) by clicking the appropriate link and named counter you will be faced with a screen similar to the one below, there is a screen like this for every new counter you create and for each counter on each page you need to get the code, obviously a lot larger than this one but this is an example...

This Section To:
1. Get The HTML code for your page.
2. Change this counters start number.
3. Delete This Particular Counter.

Editing Your Counter
Please reference the picture below:

A. From the ilistration above is the counter name you are presently working on.

B. From the ilistration above is the present counter number that the counter is set at.

C. From the ilistration above is your HTML pasting code, you need to cut and paste thisinto your webpage for this particular counter for your counter to work, if you want to learn how to cut and paste "GO HERE", if you want to know where to put the code on your page or how to do it "GO HERE"......

D. From the ilistration above is where you can edit your start number for this counter this number can be anything you like up to the number of digits in the counter, you can change this anytime and once you make a change just press E. below.
"Save-Changes-To-This-Counter" and your account will be updated imediatly you will see the number on ilistration B. change to your new chosen number once this is done...

E. From the ilistration above is to save changes to text box D.

F. From the ilistration above is to delete this counter forever, Please be careful with this as you will loose the count number for this counter and obviosly the counter itself and associated name, however all previos recordings and hits from this counter will remain in your statistics.

End Of Tutor.......

Please Note:
Each User can only have one Free account with Globel and that account can only have three counters any users found with more than one account per user "and considerable cross referencing is done" will have all known accounts immediately deleted without notice, these are part of our terms please do not abuse this service costing us extra bandwidth.
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