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A: This is not something I like doing as I value your support, however in order to keep our house in order we have to impose certain rules to keep everything running smoothly, remove old accounts that are not being used to save on system recourses etc. secret here is keep your email address up to date, check your statistics every so often and if your counter is not being used "test it on your page" and finally if you have the trial version of the counter decide to do something about it before the evaluation period expires…

Some counter companies have to shut down for long periods to purge their databases, I wish to avoid this like the plaque and keep the service running and reliable to do this I have incorporated several rules and built robots to carry out these tasks over a gradual period of time without interruption, of course it has delayed me in several other areas as I have built these foundations but are extremely important to keep the service purring like a well tuned engine…

Please look at the forms of deletion of accounts in the header above and see if any of these are applicable in your case:

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