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Email Account Invalid

Periodically we will send all account owners an email, this checks if you are a valid user or not as we have a lot of internet users that put non existent email addresses into our account forms, additionally to tell you about recent updates to the counter and new software releases by us.

We DO NOT tolerate Spam and if your email address bounces back at us with:
" mailbox non existent" or "user unknown"
The account is automatically deleted, the robot is slightly more forgiving on:
"mailbox full" or "mailbox over quota" even on "user unavailable"
However the robot will record these incidents "on the forgiving factors" and if after three separate "time spaced events" you cannot receive the mail then again the account is irrevocably deleted...

secret is to ensure the email address you give us is absolutely 100% capable of receiving mail and if you change your email address tell us.

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