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Excess Usage

Sometimes we have users who use their account to excess, this is determined by the amount of overall hits coming from your pages and/or times the counter is loaded on your page, the following list of parameters are in place to ensure that any one user does not over use server recourses and therefore affect everyone's enjoyment of the counter itself, this literally slows the server down with over active accounts and provisions have to be made to justify that amount of use.

There is only so much processor time available on each server and also bandwidth so a careful balancing act has to be preformed to ensure each user of the service does not abuse it and steal other users counter allocations for both processor and bandwidth marginal amounts and to ensure the servers run smoothly to keep this counter system as fast as intended.

1. No Free user can use more than 3'000 hits per month on the entirety of their account!

2. If you have a paid account an allowance of 3'500 to 4'000 hits per month but this must be occasional and not a constant usage!!

3. Anything higher than these figures and/or margins carry fee's that must be paid in order to keep your account running at this level, this helps me pay for additional servers to cope with the demand from your counter.

Any account that steps over these margins will need to upgrade and if not discontinue using their account, we may suspend an account that does this until it is resolved and in the worst circumstances remove the account completely, part of the robots new duties is to check excess use to again ensure the system is not misused.

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