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No Link On Counter

Quite simply we provide a free counter and you provide a link to our site, this helps us to increase the amount of visitors to our site which in return attracts advertisers because of our visitors from all sites which in turn helps toward the running costs of the counter so you can have it on your webpage for free in the first place... it also helps us to keep costs down for even the paid version of my work.

In all cases there is a very physical continues outlay to run a service such as this but not everyone can understand this or for whatever reason considers it appropriate to remove our link from our counter code, let me make it completely clear, if you cannot provide any links on our counter back to our site then please do not use our counter! Simple…

There now is a robot that ensures you stick to your end of our arrangement and it saddens me to even have to do this as some of our users for whatever reason appear to be paranoid about providing the only thing that helps keep this counter FREE A LINK BACK TO THE SITE!

There it was not that bad was it or was it? If you do not provide a back link to the site the robot will switch your account off automatically, you must provide us with a URL for the robot to check, you must leave the code we supply intact on your page as he will parse your page and check that a link exists, persistent abuse of this will result in account termination.

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