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The Inheritance Function

Q: How Do I Use The Counter Editor?

Duplicating Counters
In the counter editor there is a Function for taking the Properties of one counter and inheriting them to another, this sounds complicated but it's pretty stright forward and very useful if you have a lot of counters to make, i.e. you just need to create one counter and ajust it to suit your webpages with the Wizard! once your happy with that one counter you can use the Counter Editors Inheritance Function to make any other counter the same as the one you first created, you could even go as far as to make a counter called TEMPLATE, becouse that is exactly what it is a template for other counters.



Points to Bear in Mind
A. this function will apear elsewhere in time i.e. the Create counters section so you can instantaniosly inherit properties directly to a newly made counter .

B. the screens may change here slightly also as this is a new function and as always i am not completely happy with it yet....
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