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Using A Unique Counter

Q: Can I have a unique count on my counter?

A: Yes: What is the Unique Hit Monitor or Unique Hit Counter? What it does… this gives you a unique count for you and your visitors to see on your counter at your website, once you have pasted the code onto your WebPage and set it up this will give you a count of all visitors that have visited your website for the first time, this count does not count your reloads of the same page…

Example: For arguments sake say your Unique Hit Counter reads zero and a new visitor goes to your page where the counter is located, if this visitor has not been to your site before the Unique Counter will register 1 and your counter will register 1, unlike the Total Hit Counter if this same visitor refreshes the page it will not count him/her again this extends to even if the visitor comes back weeks/months later, so your Unique Counter is a true representation of the independent visitors that have visited your site…

Location and How to set it up: At present to set up your Unique Hit Counter all you need to do is once you are logged into your account go into the Counter Wizard and check a little box to switch it on and click Preview and save this will apply the unique count across all your counters… there are no extra features on this yet it's either on or off but in a few months you will be able to set colour/size and even words displayed.

Under Test: This new feature of the counter is under test; it has been tested across several platforms but may show a few little problems once applied to the field, additionally this feature is scheduled to change, there is a major upgrade due in the next 4-8 weeks where all counters will be totally separated from each other, i.e. at the moment this feature is either all or nothing across all counters, when the new upgrade takes place you will be able to independently choose which counter the unique hit is applied to and also "under debate" set it's start number let me know what you think about this?

Other features coming:
In Unique Hit Counter: Other features to be included on new upgrade will be items like uniqueness sensitivity; this is where you can set the period of the unique count i.e. if you set this to 1 week for example during the period of one week your visitor can only register one hit no matter how many times he/she visits, however the following week the same visitor will register 1 hit again to your total depending if you reset it or not, this is primarily for those who wish to reset their counter on a frequent basis and monitor uniqueness by day/week/month etc. more in depth explanations will be given at time of release.

In Total Hit Counter: A new feature to be included on upgrade will be the capability to set a auto reset on your counters, in other words you will be able to tell globel to automatically reset a counter to zero or predetermined number on an anniversary of a day/week/month etc. this is useful to get a day/week/month count on your counter and is in conjunction with new some new future features below.

New features no set time scale as yet: These features run alongside the above:

New: hits yesterday count i.e. this will be available on your website counter...
New: hits this week count i.e. this will be available on your website counter...
New: hits this month count i.e. this will be available on your website counter...

These are just a few new features that are coming your way in the next 6 months, some have not been settled yet as if they are a worthwhile addition or not but really again only scratch the surface of the facilities I have planned for your counter.


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