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What Is A No Hit Cookie

Q: What is A No Hit Cookie?

A: The no hit cookie is To stop your computer being counted and your computer will be excluded as part of your statistics if the cookie is installed, this is useful if you visit your WebPage often and only want your visitors to be counted "AND NOT YOU", this also displays ADMIN MODE on the counter when you have the no hit cookie installed and will continue to display this whilst you have the no hit cookie on your computer and are not being counted, the counter itself will still display your last count of your last visitor with the addition of the ADMIN MODE notice to inform you are not being counted, others will not see this notice unless of course they have the no hit cookie installed too...

To Stop your computer being counted:
Log on to your account as normal… Wait a few seconds...
Go into or click on "Counter Setup"…. Wait a few seconds...
Go into or click on "Stop Count"…

Select or Choose the links on the main screen To:
2. Switch Cookie on… (I DO NOT WISH TO BE COUNTED!!!! )
1. Switch Cookie off…(I TRULY WISH TO BE COUNTED!!!! )
3. Test Cookie…(TEST HERE IF COOKIE EXISTS!!!! )

Here you will be faced with three options as above to set up your cookie, you can also test that the no hit cookie exists on your computer by using these links!

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