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What Is Admin Mode

A: Admin mode is a function I built into the counter and will show up on your counter on your website to indicate to you that you have and the no hit cookie is working and you are NOT being counted by your counter, this special cookie resides on your machine and only a registered user of your account can obtain it, all the cookies are different on every account so someone else's admin mode will not affect yours and vice versa, Also no one else will see "ADMIN MODE" on your counter except you provided you have this special cookie and/or any other machines you put the no hit cookie on, admin mode tells you that the cookie is working and if it disappears then you know that your machine has deleted the cookie and you will need to renew it again....

Sometimes different operating systems and browsers have different rules for handling cookies and although the administration cookie ("ADMIN MODE") was given a long life i.e. 15 years and was designed to be a persistent cookie, your machine may have differing ideas about this, refuse to do it or decide to delete it and obviously if it does this then your counter will start counting you again and will tell you, cookies are not always reliable and they do not work all the time but when they do work they provide useful facilities such as this.

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