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What Is Page Views

Q: Page views what's that?

Page views are each individual refresh or reload of the same screen also known as a hit or an impression these are normally in connection with your site and each page view or hit counts toward the amount of hits to your globel account per month at the time of writing there is no restrictions on how many page views you can have on your free account, "other than exceptions to this rule" we hope to maintain enough for all our users but like everything else dependant on sponsorship and support from other areas will depend on if any page view restrictions are put in place in the future.

So to clarify; if you have one hit to several thousand there are no restrictions on hits or page views or if you like impressions, however as always I/we reserve the right to suspend any site or account that in my/our consideration is excessive and/or the right to change this at any time without notice including and not limited to the amount of page views hits or impressions allowed within any given period…
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