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What Is Statistic Views

Q: Statistic views what's that when it's at home?

A: Statistic views are each individual refresh or reload of the same statistics screen or screens the header of the statistics document is worth one statistical view every time you click it, you can view your statistics for an allocated amount of times for FREE, if you are sensible with the amount of page statistics views you are given each month for free then this should be enough for you, our suggestion is to view your pages once a month then print them out or even save them…

We are the only service that does this "at the moment", primarily because no one else has thought of it, it was originally designed to give you more services in the statistics area than any other service, but with regard to a sensible restriction to stop some users abusing the service and spoiling it for everyone else when really there is no need to.

Unlike most companies we do not restrict what you can see of your statistics and these will become extensive rather how many times you can see it for free this is mainly to do with the dreaded bandwidth scenario and may change on the amount of views allowed "up or down" dependent on bandwidth and sponsorship support; at the time of writing it is 25 obviously it does not just cost considerable time to develop a site such as this it also costs money to maintain it, I personally am only interested in programming and coffee and in a perfect world this would not be a problem but the main objective here is to provide a service that does not go away after a few weeks or months but is here for years to come and ensuring that everyone follows a few basic rules is not too much to ask, well I think so anyway….

Your statistics do not go anywhere we keep them for you we envisage at least 6 months of statistics to be stored but there are no stead fast ground rules for this yet and we may depending on future developments store well past this maybe even to years to build a really valuable statistic over time of your site, so really you can set it up and forget about it, the best way to do this is leave your stats and collect them when the month expires because after this time no additions will be made to the month in question then the statistical views allocated should be enough to get all your statistics in one hit…

As the months progress with your account you will see extra months appear on your control panel each one of these is a page view so be careful when clicking around more information will appear as the site progresses into a better service but statistical views are only limited to your statistics area of your control panel, you can visit any other area as much as you like and as necessary i.e. to change your counter number or your details and even the Wizard…

There are no statistic views accumulator, i.e. if you miss one month with 25 page views you will not have 50 in the following month when a fresh 25 is allocated, if you miss a month then those views are wasted, the robot on the first of every month as soon as dawn breaks will be busy handing out a fresh set of statistic views to everyone, if you have zero page views left when this happens the bot will give you a new set of 25, if you already have 25 left the bot will still only give you 25 for the month in hand or not touch your statistics views at all…

If you have a paid view account this is the only time this works on the accumulator, i.e. if you have paid for 100 page views that is exactly what you will get 100 page views if you use them now or in years to come the choice is yours but regardless will still enjoy your free 5 page views as everyone else per month as allocated… However as said if it is necessary for you to view your statistics more than the allocated free amount, say every day there are fee's for doing this and are found elsewhere on this site…

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