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Q: What Does it Cost?

Nothing on free accounts and the following on globel accounts!
A:In order to keep costs down on the counter service I have chosen to use Papal as the preferred form of payment, not only because of the rates of exchange are reasonable but because of versatility for all my international users, I can accept credit cards directly and payment via cheque or bank transfer if required but there would be an extra charge for this type of transaction I have kept costs minimal for this purpose…

Service One Globel Registration (Basic Plan)
Total Cost Buy Now:
$5.45USD per Year about £3.30 sterling dependent on exchange rate
That's right $5.45USD Per Year, Not Month, And No Catches!!

Statistical Views have been suspended at this time:

The prices below are for those with higher hit ratios, have a registered account and wish to increase their hit ratio to their account...

Xtra Hits To Your Account:
If you want to add an extra xxx hits to your account you can do this here the price per 12,000 hits per Annum is 1.25 US dollar , this is extremely cheap as the market goes.

cannot order Xtra hits on your account unless it is registered.

1. you already have a registered account with globel and already have a 36000 hit account! you want to add another 36'000 hits per year making a total of 72000 PA making a total of 6000 hits per month or 1385 hits a week and so on.
2. in the above scenario you would select $3.75 below To pay for an Xtra 36000 hits PA..

Equates to $1.25 USD per 12,000 Views Per Annum

Note: I am using these forms at the moment until I automate this process with paypal, please accept my apologies, additionally all payments are made to with paypal being it's payment processor....


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