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Positives Of Registration

Q: What is the Positive Point to Registration?

1. Because the Globel Organization is not huge to fund the project, this also reflects a lot of benefits, most importantly the return required on investment is low so I can sit here forever without needing to demand large fee's for services rendered and this is relative to the fee's charged and is passed directly on to you!!! this does not mean the service itself will lack in service or quality "quite the opposite actually"of course other companies might not like this a lot because this type of business is (Quite Different) from large organizations destroying a little corner shop is not on the agenda!!! thanks to the Internet this role is reversed just takes someone to notice it that's all (I was a true live rebel in my youth... LOL), but seriously I have found the balance now where everyone can be happy "did take a while mind you"..

2. Not having lot's of programmers to recursively build the program is a pain at times and I will be honest I hate the boring bits but has to be done, but on the other side of this I do not have to pay loads of programmers either so again the overheads are very low and kept to a minimum (coffee and the occasional bit of sleep is enough for me).

3. No one or rather no employee would put into this the dedication or perseverance that is required to make this work the pure bulldog attitude and testosterone required to pull it off there are a few about on the Internet and I take my hat off to these persevering souls, but we are few and far between (that's for sure); so how does it feel to have such a persevering character working for you for the next year.

4. I have some wicked idea's planned for Globel and Very shortly my artistic talents in this area are going to show, as Globel unfolds you will see some idea's not even thought of yet, others that have been in my kit bag just itching to get out but it takes ages to prepare a platform for this to literally take off and work as intended, as a webmaster I know exactly what the score is and all my knowledge over time I can guarantee you will benefit from!!

5. your not dealing with a large organization that watches the profit margins, of course we all have to get realistic when necessary where survival is concerned, but profit is not a priority survival IS; so if you object to paying anything for a counter service, you will be looking for a very long time I am afraid, I know; I have done it!! being a webmaster this is essentially why I have built Globel, yes there are services that pop up for a while here and there that offer tremendous facility's, these sometimes are lost leaders or someone somewhere wishing to blow their brains out to be honest, these services usually either don't last very long or use their service as a form of trap, this is why I have adopted the in-between attitude, there are no tricks here and I intend to stay here for a very long time and Globel has really evolved with this attitude, there are no if's or but's here except in the programming itself, what you see is what you get 100%...

Tell Me! what would you prefer!


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