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What Is Globel Payment For

Q: Payment? What For?

A: When I first started building Globel Administrator I wanted to offer a service that was rock solid, cost nothing and remained absolutely FREE and provided all my users with all the facilities they could ever need in their work and allow my creative side to run havoc, then I woke up!!!

My intentions remain the same BUT!!! There is also a very realistic side to providing this service, to keep it running smoothly, NOT go out of business (like so many others before me) and maintain a certain level of Quality, additionally to keep some sort of consistency so for the price charged it may as well still be FREE, I think I have done this and so far so good.

You ARE actually paying a little Token gesture into a big pool (hence why it cannot be refunded), as users pay these amounts this pay's a proportionate value towards sever costs, you are not paying me for the program as such, you are also certainly not paying for all the long hours spent developing and building it, what you are doing is providing a mean's to an end, giving me time to concentrate on my baby and in return receiving a service that would cost literally hundreds of dollars compared!!!

The object of the exercise here is NOT to become a millionaire or provide untold funds to line my pockets, my objective is this project, my interest only this program, the end result self-satisfaction and achievement. You benefit by using the program, I benefit by achieving my own personal goals "what could be better" just what the Internet was built for!!!

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