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Q: Introduction as to why?

A: Navigating the statistics is a fairly straightforward task but may be a little more difficult than most; before I started building the statistics area I asked all my users first what they would prefer in their statistics and the majority in fact a massive 98% preferred the all in one pages rather than separate clickable pages for example you click on a menu and this gives you your hourly hits only and another to get your java….

Simplistically this yes does make your statistics very straight forward and the "buzzword" innovative and most statistical companies do adopt this attitude because of this!!! And quite rightly so! But there is also another way of looking at it, and this is why I asked my users initially and I did hope they would all opt for the simple option (to be honest) Because Of course programmatically this makes the statistics much more complicated to build and the end user needs to do a little homework to understand them, but at the end of the day presents much more information all on one page and if thought about; can present the ideal situation of being able to cross reference easily without clicking from one page to the next comparing your hits....

Statistics are; because of their nature are multie directional and can be interpreted and calculated several different ways, and this I have tried to build into your statistics so I can extract all the information feasibly possible so that each user who has different needs from the statistics can formulate the figures he/she needs, of course this has produced an interface that reflects the complexity of this and over time will improve and add to all the statistics generated to eventually give my users exactly what they want.

I welcome your comments on this, I have tried to include a lot of foresight for future amendments and additions to the statistical area, but always welcome all opinions to make this interface easier for everyone to understand, and to be honest most users sail through the navigation without a problem.

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