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Q: General Navigation?

To Find and View The Screen Below :
Log On First:
1. Click Counter Account (Or "Beta Counter")
2. Click ADV Statistics.
Note: You must have a counter installed and working on your account!!

A: I have kept all area's the same; the above picture can be found in your summary under general; obviously all the totals will be different but the above is an example…. Please reference the numbered balloons above to the sections below to understand this.

1. Across the top is usually the header for each table; the field that is referenced here can be the description and/or date of the fields below it.

2. In the header fields of this table you also have....
Are your entire hits in total to a page or site including reloads of the same page…

Are your entire unique hits to a page or site (a unique hit means this is a brand new visitor who has either never visited before or has not visited for at least 6 months)?

Is the difference between the two i.e. (All?) minus (Unique?) this means all your new unique visitors reloaded the same page X number of times and/or other visitors from the months before have revisited your site.

(More?) Links are reference to the proceeding line of information and to indicate there is MORE information on this particular subject, Click these red arrows to see another page. Note all More Links may or may not work dependent if there is information available and/or this particular part is still being developed, Clicking (More) Links cost 1 statistical View.

3. These are usually all the references under the description header (1)and where possible are usually self-explanatory, In this instance:

3.1 Hits all Counters and pages for Period
The following fields are all your hits from all your counters and pages tracked for the page header period!!

3.2 Average of visitors over XX days
The following fields are to give you an average of hits over the period counted, the present day is not normally in this equation so if your counter has been running for 9 days in the present month you will get an average of the previous 8 days, this is your hits evened out over this period!!

3.3 All Referrers to your website this month
The following fields are to give you the total referring pages during the page header month, these are the WebPages or websites that have sent you the hits to a particular page on your site where the counter is situated, this can include pages on your own site as well, if you find that some of your own pages on your site is sending you unique hits this usually means that this user has accessed your site on another page and to be honest there should be a counter on that page to capture the referral information!!

4. (This page Jump (Cost: No views)) using and/or clicking the links within this section will cost no statistical views on your account, and usually stay within the same page.

5. (Another page Jump (Cost: one view)) using and/or clicking the links within this section will cost one statistical view on your account, these links can fetch another months statistics on the page you are viewing to Jumping back to where you started on the summary page...

6. For Example: This specific (More Link) on the (summary page under general) will take you to a further page expanding on all your Hits, this includes Java and daily hits and also screen resolutions etc. this link is Very Specific to all your hits from all your pages and/or sites and represents everything across all of your named counters, eventually when development of this area is finished each counter will have the same type of page giving you specific hits on that counter/page/site only.

7. For Example: This specific More Link on the (summary page under general) will take you to a further page expanding on all your referrals to all your counters and/or sites, (your referrals being where a particular hit or hits came from).....

There will be several improvements to the statistical area and the amount of information available at any one time, if the above does not explain the operation of these statistic adequately please do tell me and please do not suffer in silence I am always here to help with any problems or criticisms you may have.

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