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Statistic Domain Referrals

Q: Domain Referrals ? What is That?

A: Usually with statistical compilations domain referrals mean a list of .com and. domain extensions that have hit your site i.e. you may have got; for instance! 1000 hits from a combination of .com domains, usually this is as far as it goes? Additionally; your referral list usually only extends to your last 100 referrals and these are generally just the string itself?

I think that combining the two bring out a whole new ball game and perspective and is likly to get copied "So Remember Globel is the First" and have tried to demonstrate this here, Globel lists referal domains as a complete entity and below is a picture that demonstrates this, each domain as such has it's own compartment, as unique as the domain name itself, these compartments and/or domains can be anything from your own domain to a search engine domain as depicted below!

1. each table is a compartment or container for a respective domain, across the top you will see the total amount of hits to this compartment or domain has ever been sent to you, it includes a from: and to: date.

2. This compartment or domain is called domain "1" this again is the highest hit sending domain to your web page and is at the top of your list because of this, in the instance above it just happens to be my own domain itself that has the most activity, if I click referral breakdown this will take me to another page breaking this domain down again into individual pages, more on this later!

3. this is the domain itself, in this case Domain 1 is "" is in first place and has had the most activity with 145 hits, Domain 2 is "" and is in second place with 10 hits over the present month.

both and have complete compartment breakdowns of that particular domains web pages in their respective Referral Breakdown Lists!

4. the first hit line shows you the complete amount of hits from that domain and all it's pages calculated together for the current month, in this case regardless of what page sent the hit this domain overall over the present month sent me 145 hits, because this is my domain anyway and not a true referrer "as such" the total hit count is high compared to the unique count but gives me a good idea of the activity of my own website itself.

5. this is the hits I have received in the present week from this domain.

6. this is the total and unique hits I have received on the last day of any hits from this domain, regardless of if it is my own domain or not.

7. this link takes me to the next 15 domains, in this scenario there is only one other domain left to view!

8. the period is usually indicated at the top of the screen i.e. in this instance this is the domain referrals across all of your counters for the period of September 2003 additionally showing 1 to 15 with the highest hitting referrer first, in this example to view other months just click the dropdown box provided and then click Open-Month to open that new respective month.


Note: if for any reason you do not understand any of my tutorials on certain aspects or at all, please do not suffer in silence; I am here to help you and if you do not understand anything I am trying to explain here it usually means someone else will have the same difficulty, it may be the way I have explained it or it could be an error or omission on my part, please contact me if you are unsure of anything at any time to do with my software?

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