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Statistic Java

Q: What are Java Statistics?

A: This statistic gives you a unique count of all your visitors; Java capabilities, each new visitor that visits your pages is compiled into this statistic, no reloads or total hits are included here...

1. Either not enabled or unknown:
These are unique new visitors that have purposely disabled their Java capabilities or have visited your webpage with a browser incapable of using Java.

2. Java Disabled:
These are unique new visitors that have purposely without doubt disabled their Java capabilities.

3. Java Enabled:
These are unique new visitors that have without doubt their Java capabilities Enabled.

4. the period is usually indicated at the top of the screen i.e. in this instance this is the total unique hits across 4 of your counters for the period of September 2003, in this example to view other months just click the dropdown box provided and then click Open-Month to open that respective month.


Note: if for any reason you do not understand any of my tutorials on certain aspects or at all, please do not suffer in silence; I am here to help you and if you do not understand anything I am trying to explain here it usually means someone else will have the same difficulty, it may be the way I have explained it or it could be an error or omission on my part, please contact me if you are unsure of anything at any time to do with my software?
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