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Statistic Keywords

Q: Search Keywords? What is!

A: Search Keywords are the search words that your visitor has used in a search engine to find your page, this statistic shows you which is the most popular search keyword starting from the top, in this example all the search keywords are as popular as each other so they are listed in date order or rather the most recent at the top descending down to the very first keyword used in order.

1. so in this instance all the search keywords have received 1 hit and these hits were unique "audio c d dealers in anquilla" was the first keyword received from your WebPages and "monolia software assistance cursor" was the last keyword received in reverse order.

2. If however the keyword "fun + site" were to receive another hit making the hits sent by this keyword to 2, this keyword would then have priority over all the others and be placed in the top slot at the top of the form irrespective of if it was the last hit received or not.

3. additionally; and this is unique to Globel, you have total hits sent and unique hits sent also reloads; look at the scenario below:

if you study the above statistic you will see that the keyword "free counters" has received 99 hits Total and of those 82 were unique! this essentially gives you another statistic of your visitor! and states he/she has either; visited your site before and tried to find you again based on this keyword (which BTW is very very good).... or the same visitor found you once... went away and found you on another search engine and came back again, this is an extremely useful statistic to have and in this instance happened 17 times....

4. the period is usually indicated at the top of the screen i.e. in this instance this is the total keywards across all of your counters for the period of September 2003, in this example to view other months just click the dropdown box provided and then click Open-Month to open that respective month.


Note: if for any reason you do not understand any of my tutorials on certain aspects or at all, please do not suffer in silence; I am here to help you and if you do not understand anything I am trying to explain here it usually means someone else will have the same difficulty, it may be the way I have explained it or it could be an error or omission on my part, please contact me if you are unsure of anything at any time to do with my software?
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