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Last 7 Days!

Last 7 Days!
Q: Do I Need To Upgrade?
A periodically I make several fresh updates to the counter these will at times be more intensive than others, I may improve the counter itself and it's operation or there may be bug issues involved some critical others just an oversight and a meaningless problem but always will enhance your counters operation if upgraded, these problem reports come in via users that may experience a problem or when error checking all the databases at this given point they may have become apparent and so a neccesary fix to the problem is developedIn any new software from any company there will be problems we obviously reduce these by extensive testing but there always will be something that we have missed or maybe something that evolves itself from two different parts of the overall process, however to date all the little problems experienced at any point have been rectified in a very short period of time with minimal or no fuss to our users whatsoeverThis is why it is important to upgrade when asked by the system or us as this improves your counter always and usually will add great new features to it some of which may not always be apparent straight away and are improvements to performance andor capabilities of the counter itself but we will usually tell you at the time why and what for
(Listed On Sun Aug 27 22:11:04 2006)
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