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Do I Need A New Account

Q: Do I Need To Get A New Account When I Upgrade?

A: when you upgrade there is no need to change your account all the changes are made to your existing account if you have one? all you need to do is click upgrade wherever you are asked and Globel will do the rest the account remains the same only better, the only downside to this is you may have to do a few extra bit's of work sometimes in order for the new upgrade to work, i.e. change and re-paste your counter code on your pages, or simply get used to all the new functions added by upgrading....

Not all upgrades go as sweet as a nut and sometimes which is very rare new items we add cause a few problems or may not function properly and even although extensively tested before passed to you the user a unknown error pops up out of the blue once out in the field, there is usually no need to panic in these circumstances we always back up our work and your databases for your statistics so if something untoward happens we can backtrack and at most and at worst you will only loose a couple of days of information...

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