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What Changes On Upgrade

Q: What Changes In My Account When I Upgrade?

A: all upgrades to the counter preserve all past information, in other words the changes that take place are changes to the counter itself, all of your statistical logs and counter totals are used by the new upgraded counter and are not affected in any way, usually in fact when you upgrade your statistics part of your account will upgrade as well and you will see more information from your past statistics that you never knew were there this will be true in future upgrades as well.... the way to look at it is the logs that are created by the counter are logs of the past like a continuous dairy being written, all the program does is write to this diary or read it, the only difference is the way in which it does this, I.e. the new counter now creates a fresh new diary every day instead of creating one per week like it did in the past because some sites were creating massive diary's during the period of a week and causing problems in the statistics area so I had to change this to make the diary's more manageable, and the new statistic reader handles both the new and old type diary's or logs......

Also the counter now writes more to the diary itself, there is more information available through various upgrades to the counter now so it writes this extra information to the logs or diary's, I.e. the counter now collects information like countries that people come from and search engine information like keywords etc... although at the time of writing you will not see all this information yet it's being recorded ready for the new statistics that I will upgrade to in the future, like now when you upgrade you will see loads more information that you never knew was written by your counter in the past if you have an old account with us.......

so to clarify:
1. your records, diary's and logs are kept and preserved from the past....
2. your counter is upgraded to include all the new features...
3. your statistics reader is improved to read those diary's and logs...

So nothing changes and is just improved, the only difference now is there will be a lapse in time whilst the robot reads all your old information if it is a statistical upgrade and turns it into something the reader can use, after it has done this you should notice no difference as if the robot did not exist have a look at:
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