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BACK Q: What are your plans for the future of the counter?
[Schedule of future Plans?]

Q: What are your plans for the future of the counter?

A: It would probably be easier to list what is not planned, i.e. I don't think the counter will ever make coffee for instance that's probably a pretty safe bet..
Although thinking about it :-) ….

Future development plans:
On a realistic side I think this is only limited by time and not getting distracted, below is the present planned development schedule, and as you know schedules are made to be broken, by this I mean recently I was sailing along building the statistics and the new unique monitor and what do you know out of the blue several items from past work needed attention, like the user database was struggling under the old design so I had to rebuild it then the statistics robot threw a wobbly at some really big sites so he needed attention, then I needed to start sending you mails and start cleaning an already "starting to get untidy" database, so I built a mass Email program along with the mail and cleanup robots, so at the end of the day the list below represents my plans at present should nothing else crop up in-between demanding immediate attention that affects everyone and that really is the bottom line…

1. Counter all hit, unique hit sensitivity control...
present status: completed *under field test*
Reason for being: progression and user input
major version upgrade 1 *new addition*
proposed location: editor... changed to wizard... editor on final release
completion time approx. 24/10/2002… completed 20/10/2002 1st part of three parts
This new addition was implemented by majority of user requests on importance, the unique monitor was scheduled for later this year but was brought forward by request mails.

2. New build counter statistics, inclusive of referral information
present status: underway "paused temporarily due to user database upgrade attention"
Reason for being: progression
major version upgrade 3
proposed location: statistics...
Completion time approx. 31/10/2002
This upgrade is part of the ongoing progression of the counter itself and has been delayed considerably due to unforeseen factors in other areas of the counter requiring immediate consideration, the upgrade is a fresh look and rebuild due to new areas of the counter like the facility to add extra counters and the editor itself, also this upgrade includes requests for referral information from users…

3. Help wizard, entire process help and implementation…
Present status: due to start 31/10/2002
Reason for being: first time users having difficulty with interface.
Major version upgrade 1 *new*
proposed location: over entire site.
Completion time approx. 30/11/2002
This new wizard is designed to make registering/making and building of the counter easier than ever, mainly for first time users not used to programmatical GUI interface, this has come into being from complaints by some users and continual evolvement to improve the counter and it's overall process, the new interface will be step by step ask then do on instruction and will guide users through the maze, this will be a long process and users with more experience with my counter will still be able to go straight to sections or areas without having to use this new facility…

All Times for the above schedule are all approximate due to satisfactory testing of each section, additionally some schedules and completion times may be altered or delayed due to other problems that need resolving in the entirety of the system and program and are also dependent on priority and complexity and will alter these above proposed completion dates...

Additional information will come available on next update….


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