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Q: Activating Your Account From the Email We Send You?

Help On Setting up your account Step 2:
When you receive the Email Generated by Globel it will contain a link line to confirm your account with us and will look very similar to the illustration below:

All you need normally do with this line is click on it like you would do any other web page link sent in your Email, This should then open your browser window and Thankyou for sending the necessary information and confirmation to Globel.

The tracking link line above is unique to your Email address and is automatically and randomly generated when you sign up we do not control this The Globel Program Does...... this line must not be broken up or changed in any way otherwise The Globel Program will reject it and will refuse to make your account active, when used correctly the program will compare the line above and match to an exact criteria from your Email address put on the form when you first applied; some "not all" Email programs tamper with this line so you may need to rebuild it if this happens, additionally if your Email program does not support clickable links and is a Text only Type Email program all you need to do is copy this link "in it's entirety" into your browser "URL bar" (as if you are going to go to a web site) and press return the link will then be sent in the same way as if you had clicked it:

Once the system has received confirmation from you that you wish to proceed with the account by simply doing the above it will confirm that it has received your link and has now made your account active and ready to use:
In all other cases it will return an error and your Username and Password will be useless until confirmation is received…….

Please do not reply to/or forward the automatic Email in your Email program back to us this does nothing at all and will not confirm your account it can only be used and confirmed as specified and illustrated above.......

The reason we send the complete line instead of a word like "click here" with the HREF link behind it, is because of situations like above where the link cannot be clicked and needs to be pasted into a browser URL bar....... This routine uses the standard GET formatted pairs as specified by the World Wide Web Consortium

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