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Q: Navigating The Control Panel ?

Help On Setting up your account Step 5:
***NEW 14-02-2003***

You now in your control panel in this control panel on the left hand side the options are as the picture below, this is the central control center for all services now and in the future and this is the panel you will see from now on when you log on.....

In this example we are going to set up or configure your new counter account so as on the illustration below click on Beta Counter to access everything to do with your counter…

Deeper explanation:
I have adopted the tree type structure for the menu system in Globel because of the ease of understanding for my users, all you need to remember is any closed folder means there is usually other items under it, and any open folder is all the contents of that directory, because Globel is going to have a lot of functions built in and because these functions are going to be very extensive each part of the tree structure closes down if you are not using it, please look at the pictures below to get a better understanding of this..

I.e. in this picture you have just entered your control panel and it is automatically displaying all items relative to the control panel itself, also your account with Globel....

In the above picture if you notice we have one closed folder, namely "Beta Counter" if we click this link directly by this folder it then show's the picture below.

Two things have happened here:
One: the folder you have clicked has opened up a whole new set of options to do with your counter account itself denoted by the open folders and…
Two: the control panel options have closed down and are not visible anymore denoted by the closed folder…
***** If you notice there is another closed folder in the above picture in the counter list itself****
We now Click on the closed folder option again, this time "Counter Wizard"

As you can see above the options under counter have closed down now but all the items under Counter Wizard are now open but all three folders leading to this section remain open because it is the relative path to this section, by clicking Beta Counter again will open that area:

And so on in reverse by clicking Control Panel will take you back to the first picture on this page: That's the basic navigation for you to get you used to the format, obviously all the links within these folders lead to a respective area, this is primarily why all folders close down because of the amount of links that ARE and WILL BE within the panel itself, by having too many open at one time would scare some people and make a huge list of links each Link and its use is explained separately in this FAQ, for now let's just see what's under Counter Account…

When you have done the above GoTo: …Stage 6

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