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Here you can see random counter styles from all the categories.
This is not the complete list! Much more styles are avaliable at the category pages!
If you see something that looks like a good start, click "See More Like This!" and you will see all the counter styles from that category!

Type= katt141
Type= katt064

Type= arabic
Type= indian

Type= borange
Type= satc

Type= crdclbs
Type= crdhrts

Type= chopw
Type= kaishu

Type= break3
Type= cool

Type= dimsum
Type= signlng

Type= ainv
Type= ainvfade

Type= drpglds
Type= mollflm

Type= golf
Type= poolbll

Type= awg01
Type= bancogl

Type= dolphin
Type= snowman

Type= wslash
Type= codo

Type= miniscu
Type= small

Type= blackslatesolidgold
Type= katt133

Type= cledred
Type= clevcount

Type= scorered
Type= sdgs

Type= katt018
Type= katt025

Type= bttrfly
Type= modrian