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Here you can see random counter styles from all the categories.
This is not the complete list! Much more styles are avaliable at the category pages!
If you see something that looks like a good start, click "See More Like This!" and you will see all the counter styles from that category!

Type= bangko
Type= katt010

Type= arabic
Type= indian

Type= borange
Type= ghost03

Type= crdspds
Type= poker

Type= chop
Type= codo

Type= katt042
Type= verd

Type= buttons
Type= ebean

Type= bbldotg
Type= bckblue

Type= oldeng
Type= sw2

Type= basebll
Type= mahjong

Type= enyapld
Type= handpnt

Type= bunny
Type= elf1

Type= clnind
Type= codo

Type= microblack
Type= microsc

Type= katt036
Type= ribbon

Type= clevcount
Type= led

Type= originalshock
Type= sdgs

Type= elec
Type= fatpt

Type= morsecd
Type= kling