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Here you can see random counter styles from all the categories.
This is not the complete list! Much more styles are avaliable at the category pages!
If you see something that looks like a good start, click "See More Like This!" and you will see all the counter styles from that category!

Type= katt123
Type= katt118

Type= arabicb
Type= indian

Type= bblack
Type= curtain

Type= crdclbs
Type= katt127

Type= chop
Type= jcolorb

Type= blushdw
Type= katt042

Type= braille
Type= led

Type= atari8
Type= bembo

Type= marblin
Type= sunset

Type= b5
Type= poolbll

Type= casual
Type= curly

Type= propelwhite
Type= teddy

Type= kaishu
Type= tokyo3

Type= microblue
Type= tinyred

Type= katt039
Type= katt156

Type= clevcount
Type= led

Type= originalgreen
Type= scorewhite

Type= bajbp
Type= neon

Type= modrian
Type= morsecd