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Counter Commands?

Because the counter is becoming more complex and popular and because users have requested ways of changing their counter image or turning their counters into a hit instead of a unique counters then a list of counter commands are below.

You can always create a new counter at any time but if you want to keep your original and change a few parameters then the following table will help, the following table assumes you have a little knowledge about URL strings, contained within each URL string is the following:


After the ? Sign in the counter code we give you there will be a series of commands and actions for the server to do, be careful when adjusting these as they could have a bad effect on your counter the command table is as follows, Your counter code will not necessarily contain all the commands below, when you set up your counter for the first time the program will insert the necessary commands to get your counter working and will not put in something that will not be used.

this selects your counter account and is also the name of your counter, there are thousands of account names!
These two commands change the counter image displayed, although the style command is depreciated and not used any more in the newer scripts!
makes your counter increment on every hit or page refresh regardless, if the prog command is omitted then will revert to hit anyway!
makes your counter increment on every unique hit and will not count page refresh, if the prog command is omitted then will revert to hit anyway!
switch to link tracker commands for URL redirection
switch to make counter static, if you use this command and action your counter will do nothing other than display the total hits to the counter, it will not increment or count or add anything to your statistics!
destination URL that you want link tracker to send your visitors! used mainly in link tracker mode.
What Does No Counter Account OR Counter Style Missing OR No Counter Style ? OR No Counter User Mean?
Click on one of the above Images to find out why your counter is displaying that particular Image! Free Counter Home