Example Tracking Code?

To fully understand the new link trackers operation I have given a few examples of it's use below, when you complete the sign up process for your counter you will be presented with two pieces of code, the main HTML code will be your new link to put on your page and will produce the following link dependant on the information you supply to the program, You can also place this link anywhere you want on your page:

(Our Above Link)

The second piece of code will produce the following Static Counter:

Free Counter
(Our Static Counter)

It does not matter how many times you refresh this page the counter above will not count! Instead it waits for someone to click on the link above to go to google, this way I can keep track of how many people click the link above, go on try it' you will find that when you click on the link to google it will open a new window and take you to the search engine in question you will then need to refresh this page to get the new total which should have incremented by 1 (this is of course if no one else is on this page doing the same as you;~).

Please remember! Wherever you place your links on your site at least one counter must reside on that page otherwise it goes against our terms of use and our robot will delete the account associated with that counter.

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