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Free Counter uk

Robot Beta: it is only the odd few that do not link back to us in exchange for our counter but those odd few play an unfair game against the majority the counter robot was primarily designed to check to see if you have kept to your side of the bargain and removes those who do not.

The robot is fully automated and is still learning, a further design feature is to provide page analytics to help you build better web pages, these will follow in the coming months but for now provide some interesting information about your pages like weight and load times it also provides a link back to your website (although it should be underlined this should not be the reason you use our service) eventually we will be building these into directories and specific categories of sites to visit (of which you can edit) additionally; if you want to, you can link to these pages for your visitors but for now the robot is still under test, all you need to do is use one of our new graphical counters to be listed in the directory or user counter lists.

The robot is fairly new at present and updates every thirty days maximum, this is to evaluate and test the new system functions of our robot, and this will eventually narrow down to update every 24-48 hours or so.

To check if you're WebPage has been listed by our robot please GO HERE

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