Do you want a Statistical Link on your counter?

We now provide statistics for this counter, you can choose not to have statistics and a basic counter by simply selecting options on the sign up forms we have done this becouse not everyone wants statistics, you can also have a statistical link embedded into the counter code so your visitors can see how your site is doing, or use the link for your own use if you password protect the page!

1. without a password your stats will be publicly availible!
2. with a password only you will be able to access your statistics!

The statistics will provide information on how your site is performing!

(Provide A statistical link on your counter) there are two options either
yes or no!

If you select YES your counter will look like this:

Free Counter
Free Counter

If you select NO you're counter will look like this:

Free Counter

None of the above affects the operation of your counter, however if you click YES a click-able link will be included with the counter and you or your visitors will have access to your statistical information, this also depends on if you password protect the page as well! you are able to gain access to your stats anyway by way of forms on these pages and simply inserting the name of your counter, so always pick an original and hard to guess counter name!

In all cases the counter free-counters link must be left in as advised on other page.