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Image Copyrights


In all cases unless otherwise recognised images are © copyright this site, you should not display for any purpose our images without our written permission to do so or in the allowed use of our service such as counters, there are exceptions to this rule and these are covered below.

We are constantly producing images and backgrounds/Skins etc. ourselves (it does take a lot of work) but occasionally we come across images we like and wish to include them as part of our collection, it is not due to our incapability of doing this it is just sometimes the originals look better or are as good as we would like to display and/or it does save us a little time doing it ourselves.

The normal course of events is; we apply to the originators or creators (if known) of the said images for permission to use them with the understanding that once permission is granted they cannot retract their permissions on old images because so many users would be using the image at that point they can however request us to discontinue using an image or graphic!

If this situation arises we will get our artists to reproduce and completely redraw a new image and/or graphic to a similar affect (but not the same) that will not impede any copyrights and can then be labelled and copyrighted as our own, in some cases the actual image name and subject and impression is copyrighted and in these situations we can do nothing but withdraw them permanently.

We occasionally come across images that are wandering around the Internet without any copyright owner whatsoever? We always try to locate the owner! And in the absence of someone coming forward the image is declared in the public domain and is essentially usable and available to everyone! There are millions of these type images out there, if at any time an owner appears and declares and proves he/she is the copyright owner of said images we do use from the public domain then we will recognise this fact on this page or other pages and carry out the proven copyright owners reasonable wishes, this includes and is not limited by, purchasing the image or creating a link to the originators site in recognition, all reasonable requests are considered remembering all the time this will be weighed against producing a substitute image ourselves in real time.

If you have seen a image that by right belongs to you please contact us immediately to resolve the matter, we have no intention to use copyright owners work of art without recognition of some kind it's just in some cases we are unable to locate the originator, if you wish to supply us with images and receive recognition or monitory compensation for your work please contact us, we provide this service free and there essentially and is not necessarily any financial gain by us to use images in part.

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