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About Counter Image Skins

The skins and animations are produced for the counter from mostly my own designs at present, these skins are imported and merged with the counter when you send us a hit, theoretically there is no limit to the amount of design combinations available.

All counter images are copyright globel.co.uk and you can also add your own design to the archive, this gives maximum versatility to the counter itself, if you wish to submit a design please do not send it by email due to virus's all emails with attachments are automatically deleted by our incoming mail server software, instead send us an email with the URL of a HTML page where you have uploaded it to At present the restriction and maximum size for counter images is 800 bytes.

Once you submit an image this way you agree that all artwork and rights become the property of Globel and are aware that others can have full use of your design with our counters on our servers, please also understand that we may refuse to use your graphic as it could be deemed too personal or have some political implications there could be many reasons for us to decline a counter image too many to list here but; on submission you understand that your image may get turned down and we may also not give you any reason for doing so, please do not get offended in this instance it's certainly not personal, please also remember we like to build character into our counters so don't send us a picture of a dustbin or the like.

Alternatively; you can request a counter type or skin by simply emailing me, if your proposal seems like a good idea I will get working on the new design and artwork and implement it for everyone to use please allow time for this as we are nearly always busy doing something; however we will start as soon as we can or when there's a free space, a counter we made just recently was implemented and working within a few days so sometimes we can be really fast in getting an idea out.




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