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Setting up Counter Account?

The first thing you need to do is find a counter style you like for a link tracker or standard webpage counter, navigate the site until you find a counter your happy with and click on it like the image below.

Once you find the style you are happy with and you have clicked on that counter you will be taken to a set-up screen like the image below, this screen will set up the default values of your counter and what type of counter it is, the onscreen instructions are self explanatory but there is also a little help link beside each selection that does require more explanation, click these to expand on that set-up part your interested in to find out more, Additionally the image below explains this a little more! make your selections and click create-my-counter.

If you selected Webpage Counter CLICK HERE

If you selected Link Tracker CLICK HERE

What Does No Counter Account OR Counter Style Missing OR No Counter Style ? OR No Counter User Mean?
Click on one of the above Images to find out why your counter is displaying that particular Image! Free Counter Home