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Link Tracker Set-up?

After you have clicked create-my-counter you will be presented with a screen similar to that illustrated in the image below! In order for the tracker to send your visitor to his/her link destination you will need to enter the correct full URL here, this usually takes the form of:
leave off the http:// as the program will automatically insert this when a user clicks on the link.

You also need to give the link a title like "GO HERE" or "DOWNLOAD HERE" obviously you can give the link any title you like!

Then click create-my-link-tracker..........

After you have clicked create-my-link-tracker you will be presented with two pieces of code to paste on your webpage, you will need to insert this code on to your webpage in order for your counter and link to work this code will look similar to that illustrated in the image below!

The first piece of code at the top of the image on the image as illustrated below is for your link, your users will click this link to be counted and increment your counter and be sent to the destination you have typed in the previous page as illustrated by the image above.

The second piece of code at the bottom of the image below as illustrated is your counter code for displaying the image of the amount of users that clicked the link above.

What Does No Counter Account OR Counter Style Missing OR No Counter Style ? OR No Counter User Mean?
Click on one of the above Images to find out why your counter is displaying that particular Image! Free Counter Home